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Ball Machine Rental

7 easy steps to use the ball machine

The rental fee for the ball machine is $3.00 plus court time. Ball machines may be used on courts 4-9 only (courts 1-3 do not have separating nets between courts). When using a ball machine, please make sure the curtains surrounding your court are closed.

Here is what you will need to know to use the machine:

1) Exchange your car keys for the remote control at the front desk. The machine is in the shed in the back court area. The key on the remote opens the shed. We have 4 machines so make sure the name on the remote matches the name on the machine - ie. Novak = Novak Djokovic. You may also look for their photo.

2) Wheel out the machine to the west side of the court assigned to you. Use the extension cord on the wall, behind the curtain. Plug in the machine.

3) Now you can start adjusting how to receive the ball. On the right side of the machine is the red on/off switch. Turn machine on. Turn the crank wheel on the back of the machine to adjust how high or low to send the ball.

Beside the on/off switch are three dials to set:
*How often to send the ball (frequency)
*How fast the ball is to travel (speed)
*How much spin and type of spin the ball should have(spin)


4) Above the three dials is the remote on/off switch. Make sure the switch is set to on. Use the remote button that staff gave you to start the machine sending balls. This is so you can adjust the frequency, speed, and spin dials to your preference. Also adjust the crank wheel for height. Once you have the desired launch, press the remote's button to turn off the machine.

5) The final step is to set the direction of the ball. There are seven cogs beside the three dials that determine the direction - Notice the court layout on the panel.

Turn the cogs to the number that corresponds with the diagram's set direction (For a right hander - 1 = extreme forehand, 7 = extreme backhand). A good pattern to try is alternating 3 & 5 to work both the forehand and backhand. To mix it up some more use the last switch to choose random or sequential delivery.

Now, you are ready to hit.

6) Go to the opposite side of the net. When you are ready, press the remote's button to turn it on and start hitting. When all the balls have been sent, press the remote's button again to turn it off. Use the ball sweeper to pick up all the balls, and pour them back into the machine. Then start the hitting process all over again. Make adjustments as you go along for variety.

7) When you are done, clean up the court of balls and use the sweeper attached to the machine to pick-up any tennis ball fuzz from under the machine. Put the machine away, and return the remote to the front desk for your keys.

Important: Please begin picking up balls 10 minutes before the end of your session. We have ball sweepers to expedite the process, but it does take time to retrieve all the balls and return the machine. Also, remember to check behind the curtain for stray balls. Thanks for your cooperation!

Have fun and we hope it improves your game!!

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